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Our mission is to give life to our client’s projects, delivering comfortable, safe and attractive venues.

Specialists in seating solutions for sports facilities, with more than 40 years of experience, learning, sharing goals and illusions that, in each match, the fans enjoy with our product.

Project customization: The needs of each client and each project determine the best technical solution to consider during the seating design, manufacturing and installation phases, which guarantee the final result and the total client satisfaction.

We integrate and develop all the phases with own resources:

• Analysis: experts in searching the best solutions for public accommodation at sports facilities in a safe and comfortable way.

• Industrial Design: Development of multiple solutions in seats and bleachers for each space. Wide catalogue of products and several finishings that fully meet the needs of seating capacity in each project.

• Own Factory: Control of the manufacturing processes (plastic injection and metal confection). Own production plant in Spain with a large manufacturing capacity within the most challenging deadlines. All products are manufactured according to European standards.

• Installation: Turnkey supply and installation. Own experienced staff that travel to any part of the world to manage the installation process of stadium seating or metallic bleachers.

Our experience and control of all the processes in each phase makes it possible for us to maintain a high response capacity against unexpected events.

We are able to work with a high flexibility to meet deadlines, furthermore, we schedule the dates of seats installation works according to our client events calendar.

Experience and professionalism – Insitual is formed by a team of professionals with high experience in several areas: engineering, industrial design, project management, administration, quality.

Innovation and development – By studying project technical drawings, we offer several alternatives for the distribution of seats, guided by the requirements of the client and current normative.

Quality and Environmental responsibility We offer high quality in all the products we offer as well as being a company committed to the environment and improving the environment.

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