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Avatar Suite

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Modern Tip-Up seat AVATAR model completely upholstered. Recommended for preferences areas in first class stadiums or to upgrade a VIP area in sports venues.

Upholstered stadium seat, Avatar version.

Technical characteristics:

Seat and backrest are formed by an internal steel chassis covered with injected polyurethane foam, with a minimum density of 50 kg / m3. The whole seat is fully upholstered with leatherette covers with high resistance to atmospheric agents. The dimensions of the backrest are larger to improve the spectator´s comfort.

Aesthetics and comfort:

Avatar Suite optimizes the space between rows – when it is folded, it only occupies 215 mm of depth, and the whole chair with armrest only occupies 305 mm of row depth.

Avatar Suite keeps the design line followed throughout the Avatar family, with a quilted and upholstered finish.

Avatar design takes into account the recommended values ​​of the average anthropometric percentile (50%) with a correct angle of inclination of the backrest with respect to the seat, which has the appropriate depth with the front edge smoothed to improve spectator comfort. In addition, the seat allows free movement and change position thanks to its wide body support space.

Fixing system:

Seat set is fixed to the monorail made of high quality steel section rectangular 60x40x2 mm protected with hot galvanized. This system allows a customized and flexible arrangement. The rail is made of high quality steel, hot-galvanized and/or cataphoretic coating with epoxy paint treatment. With options for riser and floor mounted installation.

Optional accessories:

– Integrated armrest at backrest: improves the spectator comfort without being a physical barrier once the seat is closed. Injected in high strength polyamide and reinforced in fiberglass.
– Metallic armrest fixed to the rail.
– Coasters: Independent pieces, to be fixed to the rail. Injected in high resistance polyamide and reinforced in fiberglass.

Important: Because the configuration of each monitor can alter the perception color, we recommend that you ask for a sample of the color range in plastic.
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