Folding press desk for stadiums
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Folding press desk for stadiums

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Folding press desk designed for sports venues. The set consists of a fixed front wooden table top, a folding wooden table top and two steel legs.

Its manual folding mechanism allows the worktop to be moved. This mechanism is hidden from view.

In its closed position, the table is completely compact, occupying only 173 mm, maximising the space for the circulation of people.

4 anchorage points fix the set to the grandstand.

Folding press desk for stadiums and sports venues, which optimises the passage space for a comfortable circulation of people in the row. It allows two positions, open or closed, being fully compact.

  • Materials.

Legs and turning mechanism made entirely of steel, with qualities S-235-JR and S-275-JR. Cataphoresis treatment and painting.

The union of the metal parts is applied by MIG welding with 1 mm thick carbon steel wire protected in an atmosphere of Argon C-15 gas.

Boards manufactured in high density wood suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Wood thickness 12-13 mm. Also available 30 mm thick chipboards, only suitable for indoor installations and without humidity.

  • Corrosion resistance.

Protection by cataphoresis treatment and painting in metal parts. No oxidation points of the base metal in a 500 hour salt spray chamber test (UNE EN ISO 9227). Suitable for high durability for category C4 environments.

  • UV resistant.

Paint used for coating metal parts, according to Qualicoat specifications.

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