Press table with stadium seats
Stadium seats

Press table with stadium seats

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Articulated desk for press areas. Equipped with two turning mechanisms: The first allows the seat to be moved closer to/further away from the table. The second rotates the seat on itself. Both mechanisms are manual, they return to their initial position and remain hidden.

Press table with stadium seats, model AVATAR Compact, designed to accommodate press personnel and optimise the space available in the sports facility.

The structure consists of two fixed wooden boards, a central leg where the arms with the turning mechanisms and the main structure of the table are attached. It includes two Avatar Compact seats without automatic folding mechanism, so the seats always remain open.

PVC channel for the running of the wiring of electronic devices.

Fixed to the grandstand by 9 anchoring points, 3 for each leg (the central one and the two legs of the table).

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