Stadium seats


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Set formed by seat and metallic bracket for use in multi-purpose arenas, stadiums and sports facilities in general, all indoor venues.

Sitwooden allows you to adapt a comfortable posture thanks to the flexibility of wood and its regular proportions. With rounded edges and corners, Sitwooden model seat allows freedom of movement meanwhile you are enjoying an active event such as sports.

Wood stadium seat. It is a seating solution designed for indoor sports venues that, according to their architecture atmosphere, requires a warm and natural environment in their grandstands.

Insitual features a different stadia seat designed for sports facilities, made from wood but very resistant and functional, according to the regulations required by UNE – EN 12727: 2017 Aligned Seats, level 2.

Sitwooden is installed to the grandstand through a solid metallic bracket. The fixing system is totally below the seat surface.

Numbering is located on one side of the backrest, in low relief, allowing to check quickly the own locality.

Sitwooden is ideal for integrate at indoor architecture complex thanks to its regular and minimal shapes.

Its appearance with regular shapes and without formal complications makes it the best solution for integration into the interior architecture of the complex. The contrast of the wood grain and the solid color of the rest of the seat highlights its natural connotation in an equipment that has always been very industrial in sports equipment.

Seat dimensions:

  • 430 x 417 x 465 mm.


  • Numbering plate in aluminum, 40x20x0.6 mm.
  • Numbering fixed by double tape with pressure sensitive adhesive and paper separator.
UNE – EN 12727:2017. Furniture - Ranked seating - Requirements for safety, strength and durability, according to UNE 13200-4. Tested for level 2 – moderate use.