Seating solutions to obtain a flexible audience capacity in sports venues

Seating solutions to obtain a flexible audience capacity in sports venues

At Vaudoise Arena we have applied flexible seating solutions that allow the venue to be adapted to different needs of audience capacity, using Avatar Seating and a removable support model.  

With those arena seating models is very easy to increase or to reduce the seating capacity numbers according to the event, or even due to restrictions in number of spectators because of Covid-19 measures.

Because of our large experience as sports arena seating suppliers we have developed own resources to accomplish each project with the best seating solutions.

This project has been a challenge for Insitual team for several reasons and it is an example of the services we offer as experts in “turnkey” projects management:  integral solutions, managed with own resources, from the analysis of the project to the installation itself.

Vaudoise Arena is a new multi-purpose indoor arena located in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was built to host the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics. Vaudoise Arena is a multipurpose venue so in addition to hockey games – the arena host Lausanne HC of the National League – it was also conceived to host concerts and other shows.

One of the must was making part of fixed seats easily removable. The arena seats had to be easily removed from the stands to leave these spaces free. The installed solution is Avatar Basic seats, fixed on Halfen metal rails, really very easy to install and to remove in case the audience capacity is standing according to the event.

The Avatar rail-system allows to modify the distance between seats, simply by loosening 4 screws and moving the seat along the rail, no disassembly is required. The flexibility to change seating capacity is one of the main advantages of all the models included in Avatar Seating range.

Vaudoise Arena:

  • 3 rinks – the main ice rink, a training field and an outdoor ice rink.
  • 8.000 arena seats.
  • Press area with 61 places.
  • Press conference hall (28 VIP Energy chairs).
  • Seats installed: Avatar Basic Avatar SuiteVIP Energy chair.
  • Tables for press area specially designed according to limited space available: with 2 seats which rotate 360 degrees and allows free movement in a narrow space.
  • Black is the chosen color for all Avatar seats, mate texturized. All the characteristics of Avatar Seating – design, finishing, flexibility – improves the final result of the Arena.


Insitual arena seating supplier


We show the main challenges and solutions that we managed in each phase of Vaudoise Arena project:




Insitual team worked proposing technical solutions to the construction management team from a very early phase of the project, collecting requirements from the client, and providing alternatives and economical proposals. Our technical department worked in different proposals during several month until the project was finally accepted, in May 2018.



Our aim is to design seating audiences responsibly, according to current regulations, in a comfortable and safe way for spectators, according to the best aesthetic configuration for the whole. We care about seating but also about the best seating distribution in each area.

That’s the reason why a technical team travelled to Switzerland to verify the exact measures of each grandstand. In July 2018, our team developed all the technical drawings of the spaces where we were going to install seats, also press areas, and press conference hall.

Working with our own drawings secure us that we have all the detail info that we need. At this point, we began the design all the solutions in seating and complements.

Insitual team designed a new set for press area with several functionalities: cabling spaces, 360º rotating seats included in the set, with 2 seats per table, and 2 pivot points, on tables 60 cm deep, which adapt to the existing space and allow freedom of movements even in a very narrow space.



Once the definitive solution is approved by our client, all the necessary processes are planned to materialize stadium seating design: for example, 3D modeling to prototyping and 3D printing to test different features, and finally carry out the first resistance tests. All this is developed in continuous communication with client and taking into account deadlines in each phase.

For example, in this phase, product prototypes are developed, materials and final products are tested in our laboratories and in external laboratories (Aidimme Laboratory).

For Vaudoise Arena we designed a new press-table, with 2 – 360º rotating – Avatar seats. We tested several options at our own metal workshop, until we got the final result.

Every process is essential to guarantee the quality and durability of our products. Our client receives samples of each new product to evaluate them and give us their approval.



In this case, as may occur with projects under construction, the work underwent several changes in its completion deadlines, so Insitual team adjusted the manufacturing and installation schedules several times. And also adjusting schedules with other ongoing projects. It is a challenge that we solve frequently, thanks to our experience and the control of our own production resources, which makes us very flexible facing unexpected changes.



It was carried out in several phases during several months. As arena seating is an equipment that must be installed almost at the end of construction works, we worked with an installation planning according to the construction schedules of each area of the sports venue.  The first stage of the installation began in December 2018 and ended in July 2019.

Our legal and personnel departments also played an important role at this stage, since the Swiss regulations require to open a workplace in the same construction, to allow Insitual team develop installation works.

At one of the grandstands, we installed Avatar Basic seats fixed on Halfen metal rails, which allows a quick uninstallation and later re-installation. It is one of the solutions to decrease easily seating capacity, for example, in case of events that do not require the use of arena seats, as music concerts. The equipment is completed by retractable bleachers that can be open or closed, also according to each event.


Avatar seating_sports-arena

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